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UGRU's student applications require you to log in using your student ID number and your Academics password (the password you use to log in to computers in UGRU computer labs).

UGRU Student Records
Go here to check your schedule, grades and attendance.

IE7+ does not support FTP directly.  Click here for instructions on how to enable ftp from IE7+ or use Opera, Chrome or Firefox browsers.  Use to acess UGRU's K: drive (the same one you see in the labs)  and your personal Z: drive (use your fully-specified email address including the when prompted)

UAEU WebMail
The university's main email system.

Group Emailer
If you need to email your teachers, this application will let you send the same message to one or more of your UGRU teachers.


UGRU's English Program has the following websites to help you learn English:

This application shows how the words in your Vocabulary-To-Learn lists are used in UGRU's textbooks .

Spelling Lab
Practice your spelling for Vocabulary-To-Learn and IELTS Essential words.

Practice listening to lectures, taking notes and answering questions. - Level 3 only

Writing and other exercises
You will find practice exercises mainly for your writing classes but there are also some exercises for other English skills.

If you are looking for the external site or other UAE University sites, please use the following links:

Go here for information on using eServices to Add and Drop courses.

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