Editors Words

Photo: John Jennette

We are proud to present to you the fifth edition of the UGRU Journal. This edition contains a select few of the best articles from UGRU Faculty and staff. The UGRU Publications Department hopes you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Teachers will be interested in Janet Grahamís article looking into the correlation between student participation in class and how the teacher asks questions. Mathematicians will be interested in Dr. Amar Sadiís article regarding misconceptions in numbers. Malcolm Lewthwaite conducted research looking at teacher and student attitudes toward the IELTS writing tasks and the effect of those feelings. This issue also contains a couple excellent pieces of creative writing and a report on the ILCís literary evening.

I also encourage you to visit the previous issue section of the website and take a look at our archived past issues.† This semester the Publication Committee is working to be more visible so you will be seeing more email announcements and flyers from us. In addition the UGRU Journal will be expanding to include a photo section to display all the submissions for our photo competition. We will also be adding a place where the past editions of the UGRU Times, our staff and faculty newsletter, can be found.

If you are interested in submitting an article or photo for the Winter 2008 edition of the UGRU journal, please see the call for submissions section of our website.† The deadline is November 18th 2007.


Enjoy the issue,

Darren Downing (Editor-in-Chief)

Robert Leslie Fielding (Editor)

Shahriar Saeedy (Editor)

Sam McCoy (Editor)

Dr. Samar Faisal (Editor)